Torben Ulrich: marks of play, re-marks on being 12


the cosmology


We’ve heard it

often, the word

coming from Albert

Einstein, if he’s quoted

correctly: God doesn’t play


and it seems reasonable

enough, maybe it’s

the way it is,

and if it weren’t, we can see

that many lives would of course

be shattered

and therefore it might well

be bad form, not to say

kind of offensive,

to bring it up here

and say, suppose,


God had read some of that

Mallarmé stuff

or Bohr

or Bohm, or say

God had seen that Dylan moment

at Newport, where Dylan asks

if there’s anyone in the crowd

that can loan him

a harmonica, and someone

throws one to him, and God had seen

that moving moment, maybe on film,

and God had been tempted for a moment

for someone to throw him a harmonica,

just for a moment, or if

God had heard about how

the Pope had said something about

looking forward to the day

where he could maybe sneak out

and catch a piece of pizza, maybe

just a slice, and is it possible

that there could be just that moment

of temptation,

where God would be thinking

of linking up with Mallarmé, or

go it alone,

and just ask if there’s someone

out there that would loan him

a couple of dice,

just for a throw or two, no

more, just a couple


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